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Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Larsen – instilled in me a classic Midwest work ethic, a traditional set of values and beliefs, a strong sense of family and did it with endless support and unconditional love..


Mr. Peter Steidlmayer – taught me how to organize the markets price discovery process into a tradable structured format and that a deeper understanding can and will arise from sharing knowledge.


Mr. Marc Sparks – gave me the unbelievable opportunity to see a company run with true leadership, vision, teamwork, focus, attention to detail and an outrageous sense of urgency.


Mr. Dennis Flynn – shared with me the keys to trading aggressively, facing the markets without trepidation and how to effectively implement my own trading ideas while constantly making adjustments and remaining hedged.


Mr. George Thompson – reminded me that success is a journey not a destination and it should be enjoyed, shared and cherished at each and every step along the way.


Dr. James Ifflander – sparked an academic fire to study the financial markets, a curiosity to explore speculative securities and was instrumental in my decision to study Finance and ultimately pursue it as a career.

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